CML: from Chrysalis to Butterfly

We have been meeting at Pacific Northwest Laboratory to plan the next phase for Chemical Markup Language (CML). In January we ran a meeting on “Semantic Physical Science” at Cambridge, and as a result agreed to meet later in the year. We’ve done just that – for two intense days – and are starting to rework the public face of CML.

The main initial change is that a much wider range of people are involved – each has a well-defined task and this means we can address a number of things which we simply didn’t have time for before – such as issue tracking.

There is no immediate shift of resources other than the mailing list. This has been at Sourceforge, largely dormant, and now we are moving this to GoogleDocs/Groups

The website ( from which this blog is posted) remains at the same address but will be expanded. . Joe Townsend did a great job of this before he left, but now we are redoing the content to reflect the breadth of CML. In particular we shall have subgroups fo subdisciplines, such as NMR and CompChem.


I’ll post more, but now just to thank our hosts at PNNL and everyone who made the trip. There’ll be a formal report in due time, but I’ll fill in before then.


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  1. Robert Leif says:

    My web site would be improved by the availability of a validated XSD chemistry schema.

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